Author: AHagemann

Understanding Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hub

In the realm of cloud computing, a wide array of services and technologies exist to support the complex needs of modern applications. Two such services offered by Microsoft’s Azure are the Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs. These services cater to distinct needs, and understanding their functionalities, strengths, and weaknesses can help in making …

Hidden cost of missing trust within a team: A software engineering perspective

Explore the vital role of trust in software engineering teams in our blog post. Unravel the hidden costs of lacking trust and discover key leadership strategies to foster it. Drawing on academic research, our article offers valuable insights for Agile development leaders to boost team performance and innovation.

Monoliths vs. Microservices: Why Microservices are the future of software projects

Discover the key differences between monolithic and microservices architecture in software development, and learn why microservices are the future of scalable, flexible, and resilient applications. Explore the benefits of adopting a microservices approach for modern software projects, and understand how it leads to faster time-to-market and improved user experience.

Multi-Tenant applications: Deep dive into tenant identification strategies

Explore various tenant identification strategies for multi-tenant applications, including subdomains, URL paths, custom headers, and JWT tokens. Discover the pros and cons of each approach, and understand why subdomains are a popular choice for scalability, security, and branding in modern applications.

API-Driven vs. Event-Driven architecture: Using message queues for scalability and data integrity

API-driven architecture involves direct communication between components of an application, often using HTTP or other protocols, to request and send data. This approach has been widely adopted in the world of microservices, where different services interact with each other using well-defined APIs. However, as the number of services grows, the complexity of managing these interactions can become overwhelming, leading to scalability issues and potential data loss.

Discover the power of canary deployments

As a software engineer, embracing best practices that streamline software delivery while minimizing disruptions to the user experience is essential. Canary deployments have become increasingly popular in k8s environments to address these concerns. In this post, we will explore the principle of canary deployments and explain how to achieve them using Azure Build and Release …

Test driven development (TDD) as an approach for better software

Wouldn’t it be great if we could use effective testing to develop a better, more polished app and provide a better user experience through automated tests? Initially associated with extreme programming, which aims to maximize software quality and responsiveness, TDD has been around for more than two decades now. In the recent past it has, …